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Bed Bugs

Where DNA Testing Fits Into Your Pest Control Inspection Protocol

Bed Bug DNA Detection is an efficient way to screen for a hidden bed bug problem. Sampling time is less than 5 minutes per area tested and results can be obtained within 24 hours. Bed bug DNA testing is especially useful in the following situations:

  • In large multi-unit buildings where an infestation has been confirmed in a single room: Bed Bug DNA Detection can be a money-saver by allowing rapid screening of surrounding rooms
  • Periodic preventative sampling of high-occupancy or high-turnover units, such as hotels and multi-unit residential buildings: Bed Bug DNA Detection provides a low-cost means to periodically screen rooms for emerging bed bug problems
  • Real estate transactions: In addition to termite inspections, you can detect bed bugs in houses, apartments and condominiums before buying or signing lease agreements
  • Verification that non-residential areas are free of bed bugs: inside moving trucks, storage areas, warehouses, changing room
  • In any location where bed bugs are suspected but not confirmed

When Not To Use Bed Bug DNA Detection

Because DNA remains and is detectable in bed bug parts after the insects are dead, Bed Bug DNA Detection cannot be used reliably to determine if extermination has succeeded, nor is it suitable to determine if a re-emergence has occurred shortly after extermination.